We are Central New Jersey‘s choice for expert, sub-specialized workers’ compensation imaging.

At Princeton Radiology, we appreciate and respect the diligent efforts that Workers’ Compensation professionals like you make every day to ensure that employees get the care they need to recover their health and productivity. That’s why we want to remind you about the benefits of partnering with Princeton Radiology to support the diagnostic side of workers’ compensation cases, including:

  • Collaborative team of radiologists sub-specialized in musculoskeletal imaging, neuroimaging, and body imaging
  • Five outpatient centers fully equipped to provide state-of-the-art MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray, contrast studies, and more
  • Convenient access with daytime, evening and weekend hours
  • Comfortable, patient-friendly settings
  • Participation with most major insurances
  • Prompt, accurate reports
  • Seamlessly coordinated process for a better Workers’ Compensation imaging experience

To assist a patient with scheduling: 609.921.8211 or Request an Appointment.

To arrange a consultation with a radiologist: 609.921.8211, press “6”

To reach our billing, administrative, or medical records teams: 609.921.8211

For help with provider PACS access: 609.375.2992

To request referral forms and supplies, or connect with a marketing representative in your area: 732.821.5563 ext. 1230