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One Call Workers’ Compensation Conference

We enjoyed seeing you at the One Call Workers’ Compensation Conference! At Princeton Radiology, we know that on-the-job accidents, illnesses, and injuries can happen unexpectedly. So when it comes to getting your employees back to work quickly, you can bet on us to provide seamless access to quality diagnostic care, with subspecialty expertise and the latest technology, available at five convenient locations.

  • Comprehensive depth and breadth of subspecialty diagnostic expertise relevant to occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • Prompt reporting of results.
  • Easy access to all images and reports done throughout the patient’s care.
  • Administrative and billing teams ready to support your case management documentation needs.
  • Radiologists accessible for consultation when needed.
  • Fast scheduling, minimal wait times, and extended hours—including evenings and weekends.
  • Ability to accommodate urgent scheduling requests.
  • Comfortable, positive imaging experience in appealing facilities.
  • Five Central New Jersey locations, easily accessible to patients.

To assist a patient with scheduling: 609.921.8211 or Request an Appointment

To arrange a consultation with a radiologist or reach our billing, administrative, or medical records teams: 609.921.8211

For help with provider PACS access: 609.375.2992

To request referral forms and supplies, or connect with a marketing representative in your area: (732) 821-5563 x. 1281