Sue Herrick-Grinevetsky, RT (R)(M), CBDT

Radiology Operations Manager, Northpoint Office

Sue Herrick-Grinevetsky

Sue Herrick-Grinevetsky is currently the Radiology Operations Manager for the Northpoint office in Freehold. She had 30 years of service for Freehold Radiology (now Princeton Radiology) in various positions and locations before moving to the Northpoint office facility in 2007. Previous to coming to Princeton Radiology, Sue’s radiology experience included rotations in multiple hospitals, including CentraState, Princeton Hospital, Fort Dix Army Hospital and University Radiology. Sue received her Applied Sciences Associates degree from Mercer County Community College. She is a registered x-ray/mammography technologist and a certified bone density (DXA) technologist through ISCD. She is also a member of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.