Radiation Safety

At Princeton Radiology, we understand that our patients may be concerned about radiation exposure. We are too. Radiation safety for patients is a top priority at Princeton Radiology.  We are committed to taking all necessary steps to reduce radiation exposure during medical imaging to ensure that patients will not be exposed to unnecessary radiation. We always strive for the highest image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose possible. If you are scheduled for a study that exposes you to radiation you can be confident that our dose management protocols and our participation in two radiation safety programs – Image Gently and Image Wisely  – ensures that you will receive the lowest dose possible.

Princeton Radiology uses several methods to keep radiation at a minimum:

  • We are committed to maintaining top tier digital diagnostic technology – including new low-dose CT scanners
  • Radiation Physicist monitor all x-ray, CT, and nuclear medicine equipment
  • Imaging protocols have been designed to reduce radiation while maintaining image quality
  • Computer software compensates for lower x-ray exposures
  • We provide shielding for patients
  • Princeton Radiology is ACR accredited and is a recognized as a Center of Excellence
  • We voluntary participate in the ACR’s National Radiology Dose Registry (NRDR) – According to the NRDR all of our facilities use less radiation than the national average

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