Ultrasound is a painless and safe procedure which uses sound waves to obtain a medical image or picture of various organs and tissues in the body.

Ultrasound produces very precise images of your soft tissues (heart, blood vessels, uterus, bladder, etc.) and reveals internal motion such as heart beat and blood flow. It can detect diseased or damaged tissues, locate abnormal growths and identify a wide variety of changing conditions, which enable your doctor to make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

What will the exam be like?

A technologist will assist you onto the examination table. At this time, a water-based transmission gel will be applied to the area of your body that will be examined. A transducer will be moved slowly over the body part being imaged. The transducer sends a signal to an on-board computer which processes the data and produces the ultrasound image. It is from this image that the diagnosis is made.
You won’t feel a thing except for the slight pressure and movement of the transducer over the part of the body being imaged. It is important that you remain still and relaxed during the procedure. The ultrasound images will appear on a monitor similar to a TV screen.