Meet Princeton Radiology’s Fellowship-Trained Neuroradiologists

Princeton Radiology’s team of experienced, fellowship-trained neuroradiologists understands that every patient is unique. They strive to make the diagnostic imaging experience as prompt, comfortable, and clinically precise as possible.

Clinicians can rely on the expertise of our neuroradiologists to read cases in a timely manner, consult on findings and diagnoses, and help develop individualized treatment plans that meet each patient’s specific needs.

With an array of advanced imaging equipment – complemented by an array of quantitative AI solutions – Princeton Radiology can provide detailed images of the brain and nervous system, allowing our neuroradiologists to detect even the most subtle abnormalities.

Our team has decades of experience:

Thank you for considering our neuroradiology team for your neurological imaging needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer.