New Research Study Confirms-Mammograms EVERY YEAR Save Lives

In the past several years, you may have heard mixed information about how often women should have mammograms.

But there’s no need for confusion, because the research is clear. In fact, just last fall, a major new study led by researchers at the University of Michigan found that having mammograms every year instead of every two years nearly doubles the chance of finding breast cancer early, when the disease is easier to successfully treat with less aggressive treatment approaches.

“Our study found that screening mammography performed once a year resulted in less advance stage disease in patients diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Christopher L. Ananian, M.D.“You may have heard that it’s ‘OK’ for women to have mammograms every other year. Based on the research, that simply isn’t the case. Annual mammograms lead to better outcomes through earlier detection. That’s why, at Princeton Radiology, we continue to adamantly support mammograms every year for women age 40 and over, or possibly even younger for women at high risk for breast cancer.”

Starting ANNUAL mammograms at 40 is the smart thing to do. And here’s another smart choice: choose 3D SmartMamm at Princeton Radiology