Quiet MRI

The world is a noisy place. With Quiet MRI your exam doesn’t have to be.
Quiet MRI has up to 97% less noise and is 100% more patient-friendly.

At Princeton Radiology we’re changing the sound of  MRI exams. With our Siemens 1.5T Aera MRI, patients will experience:

  • Up to 97% reduction in scanner noise. Most patients will experience at least a moderate noise reduction.
  • A more open, less-claustrophobic exam due to the short- and wide-bore design.
  • Less anxiety in our newly renovated suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and nature imagery.
  • The latest advance in MRI technology with superior image quality.

Your MRI shouldn’t sound like a rock concert – and now, it won’t.
Quiet MRI. Hear the Difference.

Quiet MRI
Quiet MRI at Quakerbridge