Quiet MRI

Less noise—and less stress—for selected brain imaging studies.

When your doctor orders a brain imaging study, a noisy, stressful exam is the last thing you want. Quiet MRI provides a more patient-friendly experience.

At Princeton Radiology we have changed the sound of MRI exams for selected brain imaging studies. With the Siemens 1.5T Aera MRI at our Princeton and Mercerville locations, patients receiving certain exams evaluating for brain masses will experience significant noise reduction, along with:

  • A more open, less-claustrophobic exam due to the short- and wide-bore design.
  • Less anxiety in our newly renovated suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and nature imagery.
  • Advanced MRI technology with superior image quality.

For details on the noise reduction potential for specific brain imaging exams, patients and referring physicians can call 609.921.8211.

Quiet MRI. Hear the Difference.

Quiet MRI
Quiet MRI at Quakerbridge