Breast Cancer Risk Calculator

To create a more personalized breast cancer assessment, with your SmartMammTM Princeton Radiology calculates your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer based on the Claus risk assessment model. The Claus model, derived from the Cancer and Steroid Hormone Study, calculates the lifetime risk for breast cancer based on the age at diagnosis of first and second degree relatives with a history of breast and ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends the use of a risk assessment model based on genetic information in order to decide if the patient is considered high risk for developing breast cancer when compared with the general population.

To calculate your risk score please use the drop-down boxes to indicate your age and the ages of your relatives at the time of diagnosis for breast or ovarian cancer. If more than 2 relatives of the same type (e.g. 3 Sisters) were diagnosed, please use the youngest ages of diagnosis. If relative is a half-sister, please enter as an aunt. Once all entries have been made, click the “What’s my risk?” button in the center of the screen.

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